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Hyundai Zhonghe Company is actively carrying out scientific and technological development, quality creation, market expansion, and talent creation for the construction of four major projects, in order to modernize Zhonghe Company into a modernization of management, brand internationalization, product technology, and sales globalization. The company strives to become the world's leading supplier of industrial products.

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"Made in China 2025" put forward, adhere to the "innovation-driven, quality first, green development, structural optimization, talent-oriented" basic policy. China's manufacturing 2025, is the inevitability of the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, in the country's great prospects, Shandong Qingyun machine tool Protective Cover Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shandong Qingyun Modern Qing Tai Spring Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shandong Central German Intelligent Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Qingdao Grand Green Wind power New Energy Development Co., Ltd. Yantai US-Asia Dege Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Hao Xing Tatsu Pipe Fittings Industrial Co., Ltd. jointly composed of Shandong Hyundai Sinobo Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Based on the current, long-term focus. In view of restricting the bottleneck and weak link of manufacturing development, speeding up the transformation and upgrading and improving the quality and efficiency, the core competitiveness and sustainable development ability of manufacturing industry are improved. Accurately grasp the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change trend, strengthen strategic planning and forward-looking deployment, down-to-earth foundation, in the future competition to occupy the commanding heights. The modern Sinobo company is carrying out the development of science and technology, quality brand, market development, talent to create four major projects, in order to build the company into a modern management, brand internationalization, product visibility, marketing globalization of the modernization of enterprises and striving to be the world's leading industrial products excellent suppliers. Modern Sinobo people in the spirit of "warm, rigorous, pragmatic, upward" belief, warmly welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to guide

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