All About Compression Spring, Its Types And Various Applications

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Compression springs are tools designed in an open-coiled helical structure. These offer resistance to compressive loads and also hold the capacity to reduce in size on an external load application. So, whenever you apply any type of massive compression on these they naturally tend to regain its original length. Compression coil springs are made up of metal, and are typically fitted into the hole of an object or are placed over a rod.

Moreover, these resist to linear compressing forces, thus in turn becoming the most efficient, durable, and reliable storage materials in the industrial sector. They are normally used in applications that need a resistance to compressive force.

Types of Compression Springs
Basically, there are several types of compression coil available on the market. They are often found in different forms such as tapered, concave, convex, conical springs or several other combinations of all such types of springs. Nonetheless, conical springs as its name suggests, are obtained in the shape of a cone. They fit in lieu where the coil spring or helical does not fit. Besides these common names, a few other types of springs are as follows:

  • Hour Glass (diameter is wider than its center)
  • Barrelsprings (Barrel-shaped compression coil springs)
  • Variable Pitchsprings (One end appears more compressed than the other)

Some other types also include Belleville and Volute springs.

Different Materials Used to Build Compressive Springs
Although these are designed and produced in different shapes and sizes that match the needs of variegated applications, there are many factors to be considered while designing or selecting a compressive spring. For one, it is the material that is used in the construction of this spring. These are manufactured using a wide-array of materials like high carbon steel wire, chrome-silicon, alloy steel, stainless steel, brass, nickel base alloy wire, zinc, or music wire. All these materials are selected based on the need of the application and other factors such as elasticity, torsion, and strength.

Additionally, there is another factor that determines the significant impact on the spring material selection, and it is the temperature range within which the material operates.

In a nutshell, custom compression springs are an open-coil helical spring constructed and wound in a specific manner so that it encounters compression along the wind axis. A typical helical spring has a common metal spring configuration, and is very often coiled to an external diameter. In addition, these springs are used in a wide range of applications such as medical, automotive, electronics, industrial, and commercial goods. They are also commonly used in applications ranging from large stamping presses to automotive engines to other sensitive instrumentation devices.

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